Underwraps Costumes is a leader in the Halloween industry
when it comes to value. Coming from the retail world, we
see the need for a quality; a “rental quality product” that was
affordable while still rich in design. Since its inception,
Underwraps Costumes has established itself as a benchmark for
quality and value with a Product line of over 1200 styles.

Underwraps Costumes is known for its distinctive use of unique fabrics
as well as versatile trims. The goal of Underwraps Costumes is to think
“out of the box” when it comes to design. The introduction of hand
beading and hand embroidery to our designs, have made our company
unique from all other companies while still maintaining an enhanced value.
Our aim is to produce a product with the Specialty Halloween retailer
in mind, a product rich in design with a unique perspective on what is
new and exciting in the world of fashion.

At Underwraps Costumes, our goal is to design and manufacture
with you, the Halloween retailer, in mind. We connect with our
stores and create the quality our customer’s demand and have
come to expect from us… Our goal is to make and design costumes
that you can sell year after year.